Magic Dust to Sprinkle on Your Social Media

Tim and Anita Horan record a podcast about creating effective social media posts for personal accounts.

I’m back with a fresh podcast! This year is almost over, so I wanted to talk with Anita about how 2019 felt and if 2020 will be better.

Well… we ended up in a completely different place. Anita quickly brushed aside the year in review, and she interviewed me about my day job in social media.

Discover why I think there is a better term than ‘ghost-writer’ (essentially my job). Plus, if you’re a high-flying executive, I give away some ‘magic dust’ to lift your executive social media game.

Download the episode here or listen on YouTube below.

Show Notes

2 Replies to “Magic Dust to Sprinkle on Your Social Media”

  1. A great podcast as 2020 is knocking and yes I think media saturation of all things political, especially from Australian politics on all levels in every state has whittled me down with information overload. The actions they implement does effect us as a society.
    Thanks for sharing

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