Bad Content Makes Me Happy

Social media is awash with content that exists on a spectrum of mediocre to bad.

Open LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter for the bad content experience. Meaningless blocks of text paired with poorly composed photos will assault your eyeballs and intelligence.

All of it adds up to less than nothing and I love every single piece of it. You should love bad content too, because each lazy, foolish piece of it represents an opportunity for me and for you to create good content.

Create good content and it will stand out like a big, fat, misplaced diamond in the sawdust scattered across the shop floor of mediocrity.

Good content is not for everyone. It’s hard work to birth and that’s why there are so many bad posts. If you’re brave, here are some simple rules to help you get started on your good content.

Good content rules

  • Step outside your comfort zone
    Don’t hide. Put yourself forward and share your experiences. What challenges have you met and overcome? Where did you screw up?
  • Share useful and actionable tips
    There is no need to pretend you’re an expert in your chosen field, however you can focus on one or two areas to deeply explore and offer insights on.
  • Raise the quality of conversations
    Build positive sentiment towards you, your organisation or tribe through quality conversation.

Most people who read the above will forget it immediately and continue to create bad content. That’s okay, I wrote this for you, not them.

Bad content makes me happy when I see it. Just make sure it doesn’t belong to you.

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  1. So true. Works just as well or even better when read with the word ‘Living’ in place of the word ‘Content’. 😎

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