Creativity Is Not Frightened of Connectivity

I believe we are the most frightened generation of people to ever walk the face of the earth.

Our natural human desire for approval was weaponized when we eagerly adopted new electronic networks ten years ago. The new networks prioritized connection over knowledge or creativity.

There is nothing wrong with connection. Each new connection is an opportunity to consider a different perspective or point of view. Sadly, the opposite happens.

Each new connection we make limits our ability to express ourselves. Deep down, we’re terrified of each person we add to our network. We’re convinced they will judge us if they get the slightest whiff of our individuality. Maybe they will, but so what?

The tragedy is our situation could have been different. The appearance of the internet promised a golden age of ideas generously irrigated by a deep free flowing river of information.

Creativity, emboldened by the totality of human knowledge, should be in full bloom today. Instead, there is a global drought. Meanwhile, our networks continue to get bigger and more homogenized. Everyone now appears to talk and think the same, because we are painfully aware of the presence of our electronic connections.

Ask yourself – do I want to creatively express myself or do I want to signal to my network I am the same as everyone else?

If you genuinely want to creatively express yourself, be brave. Creativity is not frightened of connectivity.

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