Walk Boldly on Your Own Path or Walk Miserably on Someone Else’s

The hardest path to walk is your own.

I say this with confidence despite not knowing you. Society is trying to fill your mind with confusing tips on how to be a better person, employee or leader.

That’s fine if you want everyone else’s opinions in your head. Almost none of that chatter honours the unique set of circumstances that is you. The world right now desperately needs self-directed people but the status quo (which we confuse for the world) has other ideas.

Look at how safe, bland and unoriginal our culture has become. It’s as reliable and uninspiring as a 7-Eleven cup of coffee. We need unique flavours and unique voices. We need you to honour your unique self.

The status quo does not want you to find your own voice. People who choose for themselves are hard to control and categorise. Paradoxically, if you walk your own path and succeed, you will be placed on a pedestal by the status quo and used as an example for others to follow.

But you will not walk your own path for fame. You will do so because it’s the only path that makes sense.

Two paths – choose wisely!

  • Walk boldly on your own path
  • Walk miserably on someone else’s path

This life is a painfully short walk. You might as well go somewhere nice.

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