My Favourite Experiences Feel Like Dreams While Awake

I struggle with waking life. Too much time in it, and the ineffable thing that keeps me vital, withers.

Surely, you’ve noticed – waking life has doubled down on the safe and mundane. The status quo feels extra thick now. Blandness and apathy conspire to suffocate the few left who still contain a spark of difference.

The only way I revitalise is to change my experience of reality. My best experiences have a dream like quality, hard to access in a world of concrete and beige. Drugs are inconvenient, so I’ve had to find another way.

The easiest way I know how to mess with reality is to slip on a mask and snorkel and enter a world parallel to ours…

I Drop in On Some Seals

An unforgettable moment off the east coast of Australia.

Posted by Tim Horan on Friday, May 31, 2019

This is my ideal state – experiencing something in waking life that nevertheless feels like a dream. Dream logic, dream physics, and dream imagery. Yet real it is and so are the consequences if I’m reckless. Invigorating!

The siren call of these experiences is insistent. Novel and elaborate ways to descend into the dream beckon…

I Love to Swim At Night

My ideal Saturday night is spent beneath the waves.Posted by Tim Horan on Saturday, June 1, 2019

My list of potential dream experiences grows longer each week. All of them are salty and inconvenient. To deny them is worse than any discomfort.

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