Phone It In (phone pics no longer suck)

You work too hard at your social media job.

You’re expected to deliver fresh posts for clients every single day with little to no budget for visual content. A crazy-making paradox, but I believe you’ve been holding the solution in your hands for longer than you realise. When it comes to content creation, you should kick back, relax, and phone it in.

I captured this image with my smartphone while at the beach.

I don’t mean no longer caring about your work, I mean literally use your phone to capture content. The device in your pocket is almost at parity with expensive, dedicated camera equipment. This seems like a bold statement when a lot of the smartphone pics we’re subjected to look like rubbish. I agree, but only because most phone pics are poorly composed with bad lighting and dull subjects.

Alex, my work colleague, captured with my smartphone.

If you step away from the café table or the office desk, you’ll discover there’s a wealth of opportunities to capture interesting visual material to accompany your social media posts. The quality of photography you can achieve with your phone is a marvel. Don’t believe me? I find myself using my phone camera far more than my ‘real’ camera. I can now compose shots with my phone that until recently I would’ve only attempted with professional gear.

I captured this royal visit to Sydney with my smartphone while on a lunch break.

All the pics in this post were captured with my humble Huawei P10. I hope they inspire you to get out there and source better visual material for you posts. There’s no need to rely on Unsplash or Shutterstock for your imagery.

Stained glass windows, shot by me from within the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney.

You carry in your pocket a camera that’d be the envy of photographers less than 10 years ago. So, phone it in! What’s stopping you?

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